Theremin Touch

The Theremin is one of the earliest electronic musical instruments, created by Leon Theremin in the late 1920’s.

Theremin Touch is a vintage styled theremin simulator designed to emulate the sound and spirit of the theremin.

This single oscillator, monophonic synthesizer with real world style control features

  • onboard delay and reverb effects
  • 4 different oscillator wave shapes
  • adjustable frequency range
  • 1 to 7 octave range (approx.). 32.703Hz (C1) to 4.186KHz (C8)
  • touch pad to control frequency and volume
  • works with Apple Pencil (iPad only)
  • tuner
  • customisable UI

With its beautiful vintage audio look, “Theremin Touch” provides the closest experience to playing a theremin on iOS.

Dev Notes

As an audio and synth enthusiast, I have always wanted to make an authentic theremin from scratch. Not having the skills to wind my own coils, I decided to create the next best thing, an iOS app to simulate the experience.

Technologies Include

  • AudioKit
  • UIKit

Theremin Touch. The real theremin simulator by @jimmcmillan_dev