by J. J. McMillan

A Brother’s Cage

Edwyn, the Enchanter and Uphiahs, a Necromancer, grew up in the remote wilderness of Delimbiyr Vale on the outskirts of The High Forest. Uphiahs was orphaned by a dragon attack when he was very young, and Edwyn’s Mother brought the two up as brothers. As the elder sibling, Edwyn guided and took care of Uphiahs. During their early years, it was evident Uphiahs had a natural talent for the arcane arts…

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Age of A.I.

Gaze upon humanity’s future in this insightful foretelling of the trajectory of technology and its influence upon the artificial intelligence yet to come. From the birth of the internet to the development of computing, the evolution of machine learning, and our inevitable outcome.

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Anywhere at Anytime

Ethan sprinted around the corner, slipping on the gravel as he bolted. As he fell, his knee and elbow both copped a battering. There was no time to dust himself off, and no time to lose. If his two assailants were to catch up with him, his life would surely be over—these two mean business.

Finding his feet, Ethan ran for his life. He knew there was a tunnel under the roadway somewhere along this street…

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On the 27th of June 2018, astronomers discovered an object in space. It displayed characteristics never before seen by earth’s scientists. The humans keenly observed this thing over the coming years. What they saw is still a mystery.

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